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He's lost his marriage, his followers and his Lamborghini

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With its stylish appearance and unique features, a silver Lamborghini Huracán Performante worth $350,000 was a dream come true for cryptocurrency evangelist Ben Armstrong. Despite initial concerns about finding the perfect Lamborghini, Armstrong was able to purchase one from a dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, Armstrong has since faced numerous challenges in his personal and professional life, including the loss of his production company and a divorce. He claims to be a victim of a criminal conspiracy by individuals who took over his YouTube channel. The troubles began when Armstrong was ousted from his company by friends and business partners, leading to a scandal involving allegations of extortion, theft, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and an extramarital affair. The situation worsened when Armstrong was forced to relinquish his Lamborghini. Despite the setbacks, Armstrong remains optimistic about his future and believes he will become wealthy again in due time.